Scaling startups from local to global

We bring together people, organizations and expertise to solve the toughest challenges. We help startups to grow and move their businesses to all over the world.

I have an idea

You have something important in your mind that has the potential to solve an important problem in people’s lives.

I am building a startup

All set, now you have all the requirements to be a unicorn. But at this stage there are different skill sets necessary to keep your startup moving.

I have my own business

You are making money now, but it is not enough to support your growth. You need to shift your gear up.


“I have an idea”

You have something important in your mind that has the potential to solve an important problem in people’s lives. You think it will make a huge difference. Go for it and check how Atomyum will help you.

  • Group of in-house mentors
  • Build an advisory board
  • Assign a temporary CTO
  • Access to talent networks
  • Due diligence for product
  • Visualize the product
  • Analyze needs about data
  • Develop digital product MVP
  • Business strategy in harmony with the product
  • Milestones and KPIs to follow
  • Analyze competitive environment
  • Implement productivity tools
  • Draft a financial plan
  • Develop a fundraising strategy
  • Manage process for EU funds
  • Valuing tangible and intangible assets
  • Provide daily workspace
  • Transform digital infrastructure
  • Open all social media accounts
  • Build the first website


“I have an idea and it’s working”

Your idea has its shape now. You are trying to prove that a product based on your idea will work in the market. Go for it and check how Atomyum will help you.

  • 3 stages coaching program
  • Build an advisory board
  • Daily advice for management
  • Form your C-Suite
  • Perform a tech due diligence
  • Simulate user journeys
  • Prepare rapid prototypes
  • Audit your UI/UX and enhance
  • Transform existing business strategy
  • Draw a roadmap/business plan
  • Put together the value proposition
  • Developing an innovation strategy
  • Assess financial risk
  • Manage cashflow monthly
  • Prepare pitch deck
  • Calculate funding needs
  • Offers from global offices
  • Prepare payrolls
  • Implement corporate governance
  • Accounting and the books


“I have an idea and a product. I am building a startup”

All set, now you have all the requirements to be a unicorn. But at this stage there are different skill sets necessary to keep your startup moving. Go for it and check how Atomyum will help you.

  • Utilize the network of strategic partners
  • Manage the human capital
  • Track and manage staff
  • Upskilling
  • Technology integration (AI, ML, Data, VR)
  • Support in trending and specific technologies
  • Prepare product requirements documents
  • Analyze needs about data
  • Bring an innovation team
  • Analyze the business for innovation
  • Bring together a salesforce
  • Build a solid customer base
  • Outsource venture capital
  • Manage crowdfunding processes
  • Manage all fundraising processes
  • Attract corporate ventures
  • SEO
  • Find industrial facilities
  • Manage all intellectual property
  • Apply and track patent applications


“I have my own business and making some money.”

You are making money now, but it is not enough to support your growth. You need to shift your gear up. It is time to make profit. Go for it and check how Atomyum will help you.

  • Cooperate with portfolio startups
  • Meet with Global Network
  • Manage the human capital (R)
  • Networking events on weekly basis
  • Track product journeys
  • Contribute to product design
  • Assess technology from cybersecurity POV
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Identify international growth areas
  • Gather data about competitors and their products (R)
  • Analyze product customer fit (R)
  • Develop channels local and global
  • Manage internal and external audit
  • Bring pre-selected investors
  • Perform company valuation
  • Valuing tangible and intangible assets (R)
  • Manage all intellectual property (R)
  • Legal risk audits annually
  • Analyze tax structure
  • Develop business-related brands


“My startup is a profitable one but I need to scale it in order to get it to the right value.”

You are doing great and making profit. But the real power of your startup will be unleashed once it will scale globally. Go for it and check how Atomyum will help you.

  • Monthly networking events
  • Cooperate with portfolio startups
  • Utilize the network of strategic partners
  • Access to talent networks
  • Work on the cost structure (R)
  • Evaluate the product
  • Assess technology from cybersecurity POV (R)
  • Analyze needs about data (R)
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Activate real-time marketing
  • Gather insights and feedback from sales
  • Define market risks
  • Financial due diligence
  • Develop financial reports
  • Outsource venture capital
  • Analyze for organic growth options
  • Apply and track patent applications
  • Draft day to day contracts
  • Analyze tax structure (R)
  • Suggest jurisdiction options


“The World is waiting for your startup.”

Everything is ready. The World is waiting for your startup. People in different regions and countries need your idea to solve their problem. Go for it and check how Atomyum will help you.

  • Meet with Global Network (R)
  • Utilize the network of strategic partners
  • In house talent pool (R)
  • Access to talent networks (R)
  • Technology integration (AI, ML, AR, VR) (R)
  • Analyze customer journey (R)
  • Audit your UI/UX and enhance (R)
  • Evaluate the product (R)
  • Business strategy in harmony with product (R)
  • Milestones and KPIs to follow (R)
  • Set the growth strategy
  • How to keep your value safe
  • Financial due diligence (R)
  • Bring pre-selected investors (R)
  • Outsource venture capital (R)
  • Manage internal and external audit (R)
  • Legal risk audits annually (R)
  • Prepare and track government applications
  • Suggest jurisdiction options (R)
  • Strategic partnerships and clients
Let’s discover your journey in Atomyum
Life in our ecosystem
“We will evaluate 1000+ startups every year. There is no rejection in Atomyum, but there are different levels of relationships with startups. We value each founder and idea.”
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Let us be the atoms that power your business.

We support you from different aspects tailored for your business. Our partners and in-house brands will share their expertise with you during your journey in Atomyum.

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Atomyum Space

We provide productive environment for startups this could be an office, a factory, a laboratory or a theater.

Startups have legal needs also, we provide support for their legal and intellectual property issues. We do this in a global scale with the help of our offices and our Global Network.

We provide every type of office and work environment to our portfolio startups and provide local tax and accounting support which could be vital especially at the beginning of their life cycle..

Atomyum Academy

Startups are have to communicate with other elements in the venture ecosystem. This could be passing expertise to the newcomers or matching people who will make the most together.

We will be managing our portolio startups needs for networking, mentoring, coaching and advisor needs. In addition we will assist them with channelling them through event series or even orginizing events for them.

Atomyum Bazaar

Startups are more than what you see of them. Most of the time, they carry assets under their roof which also has a value themselves.

What we do is, we find the assets that are valuable inside startups. We assess them and find their fair value. We find the people who might be interested in the assets rather than the startup itself. Also, some of the startups could be a subject of a sale for specific reasons.

Atomyum Audit&Consulting

Moving forward without a plan possily could result with a failure. In every stage of their life cycle startups need advice, consulting, strategy and planning support.

We provide every unwanted but required planning work that founders might not have the chance to develop and draft. Planning beforehand and keeping up with it, make founders to concentrate better on the things they do best. For the rest we support them.


Atomyum Capital

At the beginning founders might not need funding to kickstart but as soon as things become serious funding would be the most exhausting problem that founders should solve.

We provide both the capital and the services to get funding to the startups. We bring both individuals and institutions into the game.

Atomyum Recruit

Startups would not exist without people making them exist. Founder level and staff level recruiting is crucial for startups.

We support startups in terms of human resources. We find required talents both locally and internationally, manage them on behalf of startups and even support them to improve their skill sets.

Atomyum Tech&Design

Most of the startups today develop a software or a sofware based product under their roof. Also product itself and the way it is used by the customer base require a design approach.

We provide both technology integration and design support for startups. Technologies could be complicated to even understand, which need specialization. Also a design approach almost anything related to a product is crucial. We do the both.


Atomyum Reception

Startups are not same. There are several industries that startups are born into. This brings the issue that you cannot be an expert for every industry to evaluate a startup and its solution for that industry.

We accept, evaluate and decide about the startups that contacted Atomyum. We spend time on their product, market and team in order to come to a conclusion about how we would support them during their journey.


Atomyum Venture Builder

Services for the startups could be complicated to manage. Additionally, they vary from a startup to another. So, if there is a need for a liason role between startups and the service providers.

We facilitate the relationship between the startups and Atomyum, between the startups and third party service providers and more. We will be the contact point for Atomyum and startups to work in harmony.


Atomyum R&D

There are numerous opportunities arise from having startups in the portfolio. But first you need to discover and reveal them in order to come up with an additional value from them.

We will act as a brain for Atomyum. We will think about the future both for Atomyum and for its portolio startups. We will look for the opportunitites for synergy between portolio startups also.

Our Portfolio

A selection of successes. Together, we built more than 15 companies.


Keyvolute is a payments system technology provider enabling payments, corebanking, smart city and blockchain solutions integrated into products.


Consultinx is a leading consulting firm specializing in the payment industry, digital transformation, and technology innovation.

Academy Payments

Empowers candidates to navigate the ever-evolving world of payments.


Wocopa offers innovative solutions on a global scale to its customers with the team of more than 30 years of experience abroad.

Exagon Global

Transform businesses with Smart City Solutions, Core Banking, Payment Solutions, Cybersecurity, Telecom, and Digital Transformation.

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Keyvolute is a digital banking platform to integrate all payment solutions, much more than a bank. Smart City & Transit Solutions, Retail &Ticketing Solutions, Vertical Market Solutions, Governmental Solutions, Mobile&Digital Industry Solutions, Core Banking Solutions - all in one place.


Counsulthinx empowers businesses to reach their full potential. They believe that every company has the capacity to succeed, and it’s goal to help each client unlock their potential through expert business consultancy and tailored solutions.

Academy Payments

They are committed to helping students achieve their career goals and stay ahead of the curve in the payments industry. Whether you're a new professional looking to break into the field, or an experienced veteran looking to deepen your expertise, they have a program that's right for you.


Wocopa, with its experienced team of over 30 years in international business offering end-to-end services to investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, Wocopa boasts a network spanning over 100 countries and has successfully completed more than a thousand projects.

Exagon Global

Exagon Global is a multinational company specializing in providing tailor-made technology solutions for digital transformation efforts in nations worldwide. They have over 20 years of experience and five prime offices in key cities of the global economy. Their client list includes governmental institutions, global enterprises, and strategic service providers for nations in different countries of the world. They offer a range of technology solutions that help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals.